Turkish Special Forces - Red Maroons


The staff has the OKK (Ozel Kuvvetler Komutanligi) publicly known as "Red Berets" (Bordo Bereliler), derived from selected noncommissioned officers and officials of the army. Permanent staff only has the right to have his choice of the placement, in this special unit. They are all volunteers. OKK in Turkish means "Administration of Special Forces" unit and is falling directly on the Turkish General Staff. Choice Volunteers are selected after successful written examination in military subjects and assessment of physical fitness. The successful candidates are nominated members of special forces. Knowing at least one foreign language is supportive criterion for selection. After the initial selection of the candidates have to pass a demanding training lasts 2.5 years. In this period, many are leaving. The training includes physical improvements, track barriers, martial arts and military hand to hand fighting, ARVCHP (Individual, radiological, biological, chemical warfare), education parachutes, scuba diving, disasters, sniper training, research, rescue, counter- terrorism, commando actions, special recognition, survival and escape.

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