Italian Special Forces - 185º RRAO


The Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance Regiment, in short RRAO , is part of the FS Command / FOS at Brigade and is the single department of the Armed Forces in their specificity. A department whose operational component consists entirely of Buyers, men working in small groups and are able to operate in conditions of absolute isolation, in complete autonomy up to 5/6 days, able to live, move, fight in any environment, in non-permissive and highly hostile. Able to conduct covert hidden behind enemy lines to observe consistency and extent of the enemy forces, capture objectives and directing the fire of any source (air, sea and land) for their neutralization. The tasks of the Buyers range from the tactical to the strategic level, therefore highly delicate and difficult, it speaks of unconventional missions, reserved for highly trained and equipped. All this can be achieved thanks to a psycho-physical preparation technique that is not limited to the formative period, but also continues during the operational life. Motivation, endurance, tactical intelligence, adaptability and psycho-physical equilibrium under conditions of strong stress, are the characteristics of the operators of the Regiment, which allowed the RRAO, in just 13 years, to receive the praise and appreciation from the of national and NATO military brass.

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