Until It Hurts: A SEAL Documentary

UNTIL it HURTS was created by Dave Hall, retired SEAL sniper. Dave's plan was to honor his fallen friends and brothers by creating a piece of art from a target. On 9/11/2012 at 8:46 am Dave starting firing onto the target, one round for each of the 79 fallen SEALs since the 9/11 wars started, finishing at 11:40 am. Ellwood T Risk (AKA "Woody), the artist originally from Virginia Beach, transformed the target into a living, breathing piece of art. Now an accomplished artist living in Los Angeles, Woody's work may be seen on set in shows like Californication, Six Feet Under, and The X Files as well as in galleries and showings around the country. Dave and Woody donated UiH to Wounded Wear, who's CEO Jason Redman in addition to haven gotten injured in the War, founded the organization while recuperating in the hospital. The purpose of which was to be auctioned off during Wounded Wear's "A Toast to the Heroes'" event to help raise funds to support our wounded servicemen and women. Todd and Stephanie Grubbs, avid supporters of Wounded Wear, won the auction and purchased UiH with the intention of protecting it, sharing its story with America, help Dave Hall fulfill his plan of helping America reset 9/11 as a day of positivity, to show America's enemies we cannot be divided, and to prove that we do not break. Official Site: http://www.uihart.com/ -- Learn more at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/until-it-hurts-a-navy-seal-documentary