SEAL Special Operations Craft - Riverine

Navy SEALs perform an insertion and extraction operation utilizing SOC-Rs (Special Operations Craft - Riverine). The SOC-R's five weapon mounts provide a 360-degree field of fire. The aft-mounted .50 cal covers the boat crew as they leave the shore after an extraction. The SOC-R speed and tight turn radius are facilitated by the hull design. The slope of the SOC-R's V-shape belly essentially allows the boat to skate along the surface, with relatively little drag on the hull. Thanks to the waterjet propulsion, there is no hanging rudder or propeller blades to snag on submerged roots and rocks. Each craft is manned by a crew of four Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) and can carry a total of eight personnel.Film Credits: PO2 Sarah Bitter

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