Getting Paid to Jump Out of Planes

Ask your average Sailor to describe their commute to work. You're likely to hear something like "Traffic, looking for a parking spot ..." Ask Special Warfare Operator 1st Class T. J. Amdahl about his commute. All you need to see is his ear-to-ear grin. "After that first jump, I was addicted." Amdahl enjoys a coveted spot on the elite Navy parachute demonstration team, the legendary Leapfrogs. Familiar to millions, this team can be seen at most air shows and more than a few pro sporting events - floating effortlessly into stadiums across the country, showcasing all that is cool about the Navy. All Navy SEALS complete an accelerated three-week program designed to make them into safe and competent free-fall jumpers. The training requires candidates to complete a night descent with combat equipment from a minimum altitude of 9,500 feet. Falling toward Earth, reaching terminal velocity (nearly 120 miles per hour) - this is arguably one of the coolest jobs in the Navy.

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