The AC-235 Special Operations Gunship

SOFEX 2014 Special Operations Forces Exhibition -- Jul 17, 2014 -- ATK recently delivered two lightweight gunships based on the Airbus CN-235 transport aircraft to the Kingdom and was selected to provide a similar gunship based on the larger C-295 aircraft. The longer airframe and larger engines allow extended mission times and additional capabilities. New weapons added to the AC-295 will also be configured to work on the existing AC-235s for maximum mission flexibility. “We are extending the Kingdom’s investment in the AC-235 through the addition of new weapons and mission systems onto the larger C-295 platform to provide additional capabilities, more firepower and flexibility for the defense of the Kingdom,” said MG (Ret) Atef Tell, Chairman of KADDB. “The successful development, testing and delivery of the AC-235 gunships by the KADDB/ATK team led directly to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan announcing their intent to expand the gunship capability onto a larger aircraft platform,” said Bill Kasting, vice president and general manager of ATK's Defense Electronic Systems division. Read more at