Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery - ASVAB

Joining the Military: Q&A
Every recruit who goes through basic training is subjected to training in the gas chamber. Read on and learn how to handle th...
ASVAB Retest Policy
Didn't get the ASVAB score you wanted? You can retake the test for a new score, but there are a few limitations to consider.
ASVAB and Marine Corps Jobs
Learn about Military Occupational Specialty codes in the Marines, and how your ASVAB scores could impact the job you have in...
ASVAB and Navy Jobs
Get a feel for how your ASVAB score affects the types of jobs you can get in the Navy.
ASVAB and Air Force Jobs
Learn about Air Force Specialty Codes, and how your ASVAB test score affects the jobs you qualify for in the Air Force.

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