All of These Military ID Cards Will Expire September 3


September 3, 2013 was a big day for many military spouses. The policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" had been repealed, and thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, their marriages were now legally recognized. After months of waiting for the policy, the spouses who had been living in secret could finally be "real" in the eyes of the military benefits system. 

On September 3, 2013, they were able to get ID cards, officially becoming military dependents with full benefits coverage. 

But do you know what happens to ID cards every four years? They expire. 

That means if you are an LGBT military spouse who scored his or her military ID on September 3 or any time in that first little bit after you were able to get an ID, you better take a looksie at the expiration date. It's about to hit. Defense Department officials did not respond by deadline to requests for details about how many ID cards were issued on that day, but we know this impacts many of our LGBT spouse friends.

Military ID cards can be renewed up to 30 days before their expiration. To get an ID card renewed you either need a power of attorney for that purpose, or to have your service member file the right paperwork electronically. Here's a guide on getting a dependent ID card.

You can also make an appointment or find the closest ID card facility here. 

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