This is the Army Wife Behind Those Viral Wine Workout Videos


We've all seen that hilarious video of a woman in fitness clothes doing bicep curls while drinking a bottle of wine, or the woman doing push-ups while drinking wine from a straw. Life goals. 

That woman is Army spouse Megan Vaughn, a fitness buff and radio personality who recruits her husband to film her short videos whenever the wine-spiration strikes. 

"My husband is always coming home from work, and I'm like 'I have an idea.'" she said. "I had no intention of making a viral video. I thought maybe my three friends would watch it."

Vaughn said they were unpacking from a recent PCS to the Fort Campbell, Kentucky area when the idea to attach a bottle to a barbell hit her. A little bit of help from her husband later, and she had tasked him as camera man to take a quick video of her newest wine workout.


Happy #winewednesday peeps! Bottoms and biceps up! #wine #fitness #workout #biceps

A post shared by Megan Vaughan (@radiomeg83) on Aug 16, 2017 at 6:11am PDT

Vaughn said she's had friends who have asked her how it is she can drink so much wine and work out. But of course, it's all a joke, she said.

"I love to workout, but I like wine. Combining the two is a joke," she said.  

For her in-real-life job, Vaughn contracts with a series of seven radio stations across the country from her home radio studio. Although she also likes to work for a local station near where they live, working as an on-air personality long distance for a variety stations allows her to have a mobile, flexible career. That means it can pack up and move with her -- and leaves time on the side for wine video shenanigans. 

"I was like -- sink or swim, baby," she said. "You can be depressed or be mopey, or do something with it. I got creative."

If you're at Fort Campbell, track Vaughn down. We think a wine-workout night sounds like the perfect FRG function.


Photo courtesy of Celeste Hope Photography.

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