Here Are the Things We Learned in 2015


This past year was packed with all the good things that come with military life – and some of the crazy ones.

And just like always do, here at SpouseBuzz we gave you all the spouse news tips, tricks that were fit to print. So what happened in 2015?

There was some seriously crazy stuff.

What’s crazier than getting hate mail from ISIS? Maybe someone telling you that your husband is hitting them up on Tinder?

Fortunately, most of the crazy things were just a normal part of military life – like these things we love even though they makes no sense.

Making military life easier.

When military changes come we do our best to help you make military life easier. That’s why we gave you these helpful guides when the BAH system changed, when you were finally given free breast feeding support through Tricare and when you suddenly found yourself ordering more of your medication by mail.

Did you know we also offer super helpful tools through our mothership over at Military.com? Check out the Military.com Pay App. So useful.

You’re a military spouse, and we think you’re the bee’s knees.

The one thing we love more than anything else is supporting our fellow military spouses. We know the friends you need. We know the friends you don’t. And we know that military life can be hard – really hard. And that sometimes all you need is a listening ear and a word of encouragement.

We know military marriage is hard – but you can do it.

Want to ruin your military marriage? Easy! Just follow these tips. Looking to make it easier? We thought so. Try these secrets from two long time military spouses. And when the going gets tough? Remember the good things about military marriage. But above all, remember this: if your husband comes home to surprise you with breakfast, don’t shoot him. It’s just not nice.


We know that 2016 is going to be packed with changes. Congress has already started calling 2016 the year of Tricare reform. But it's also going to be a chance for you, the military spouse community, to shine. We’re excited to shine with you.

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