A Military Wife Retirement Poem


How do you honor a spouse at a military retirement? We often get requests for a military wife retirement poem or essay that could be read to honor a spouse who has stood by their service member through a long career.

One problem: we don’t know any.

Oh, there is that poem about the angel and the tear (lifted from Erma Bombeck), but it is long and doesn’t exactly fit.

When we met poet Anita Licorish at our Ft. Bragg Military.com Spouse Experience, we set her a challenge: write us a poem that could be read at a military retirement.

Here is Anita Licorish's poem. We would love to see your military retirement poem or essay, too!


Time Out! (A Retirement Poem)

By Anita Licorish

You've done your time, put in your service

This 'next big thing' makes you a little nervous

In pursuit of something more

Now it's time for you to explore

The possibility of rushing to do nothing else

Finally taking more time for yourself

Smell the roses, hear those birds sing

Sit back and do absolutely nothing

Sleep in late, no duty calls

Dreaming of springs and waterfalls

Opportunities for relaxation knock at your door

This is the time you've waited for

Your guidance and leadership will be missed

But let someone else take on that list

Of things that overflowed your mind

It's time to leave them all behind!

Let's face it you've done a lot and it's your time now

Congratulations! You've made so many people proud!

Enjoy your new life, have some fun

Travel more, get more sun

You've shared your gifts of time, talents, and treasures

Growing tirelessly way beyond measure

This is what it's all about

So time out!!!

Hang up your dog tags, hat and boots

We take this time now to salute you

Happy retirement and happy trails

Let rest begin now! So long!!! Farewell!!!

U.S. Air Force photo by R.J. Oriez

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