A New Verse For "I'll Be Home For Christmas?"

About 10 years ago, my wife had a community choir here in Santa Maria, CA.   I did whatever I could to help the group from putting up risers and selling tickets to occasionally singing a song.

One summer, she asked if I would like to do a song at a Veteran's Day concert the group was having in early November.  I said I would, but I wanted to pick the song.  I wanted to do I'll Be Home For Christmas.

I'll Be Home For Christmas had always been a favorite of mine during the holidays, and I wanted to know more about when and why it was written. Doing some research, I learned that the song was written in 1943 and America was involved in WWII. This song was written from the perspective of the American GI, being away from their loved ones during the Holidays.

For many, this would have been their first time away from home. Like my dad.  He was one of the brave young men who serve in WWII.  I then started to think about the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces today, and felt this song needed a second verse. The following was co-written with my late wife; They'll be home for Christmas But in case they're not Say a prayer, hold them near And keep them in your thoughts Christmas Eve may find them Far away from home Let them know they're needed And that they're not alone Bob Segui is a military brat living in Santa Maria, CA.  He is working as a Counselor at a community college where he occasionally works with veteran students as well as men and women currently serving in the military.


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