Military Wife Quotes: Love and Work


I have a bee in my bonnet.  Or that is what it feels like.  Ever since I started grad school I have been thinking about military spouses and work.  Sometimes I am cheery about the whole thing--how lucky we are to have the kind of cool partner and steady benefits that mean we spouses can find work that we love AND raise our kids!!  Oprah here we come!!!

Other days I am knee deep in mil spouse statistics and wondering why McDonalds doesn't offer a cheery glass of wine for those of us hitting the reality of combining kids, work and military life.  Why try?

Why try???  Because the truth is that Freud had this military spouse quote right.  Freud once said, "Love and work, work and love....that's all there is."   Military life is figured out in terms of love--who we love and why we love and how we love.  Military life is also figured out in terms of work--where we work and why we work and how we figure out what it means to work.

So I keep plugging away--work and love, love and work and work and work and lovelovelovelovelovelove.

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