#MilitaryMon: What is It?

You’ll find that I post quite a bit about things I see being discussed on Social Media sites like twitter. I’m hooked for many reasons, especially for the communication with other military spouses and military support organizations.

I want to share a military support hashtag (#) that I’ve seen and used, but didn’t know the origin of until today. It goes in tweets that are related to the military, military life, veterans, support, and military news every Monday!


The founders have a website: militarymon.org.  It explains their intentions for the use of their official Twitter hashtag and lists appropriate subject matters to stamp. (No political tweets.)

A few of the topics that fall under #MilitaryMon’s preferred use:

  • A simple show of gratitude on Twitter
  • Show our troops we support them
  • Honor our fallen heroes
  • Recognize our veterans
  • Highlight resources
  • Highlight Non-Profits
  • Highlight community organizations who can help
  • Highlight the military community
  • Help military families connect
There is also a live stream of MM tweets from all over the world. No Twitter account needed to view the stream. If you do use Twitter, please visit the site so you can help this tag grow and ensure that you’re using it in the spirit it was intended.

A big thank you to founders @kissmygumbo and @carsonjdaly and as always, remember to #sot (Support Our Troops)!

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