I'm Not Ready For Him to Come Home


We’re counting days now instead of months until my husband returns from a one year "plus" deployment. And I’m not ready for him to come home. I’m just not ready.

I mean, I haven’t finished the basement. I haven’t organized the playroom. I haven’t finished the refi. It feels like I haven’t done anything. It feels like all I’ve done is laundry and dishes and grocery shopping.

Over and over.  And over.

But I have hugged the kids. Over and over. And over. And there was the half-marathon. And there was that little writing project that, well, kinda went viral. And there was that nonprofit-thingy.

And other things.

I'm horribly insecure about my failings and yet entrenched in what may be my own stupidity. I’m really dialed in to the well-worn track of my own complicated routine. I’m not ready for him to come here and retrace my steps and attempt to create efficiency out of chaos. I don’t want him to put me on an alternate track, even if it’s better. I don’t want him to tell me I’ve done it wrong while he’s been gone. Even if I have done it wrong. I’m not ready for that.

And I’ve developed bad habits, some he won’t tolerate well. I turn the TV on too loud to drown out the silence, sometimes. I spend too much time on the computer, sometimes. I escape from the kids by disappearing in the bathroom, sometimes. I drink wine with dinner too often. I kick and flip and toss and don't sleep. I feel antisocial on Fridays at the end of the workweek. I use too much ketchup on the turkey burgers that I keep making even though I’m the only one that likes them. And I’m stupidly late, all the time. Too late. Too often.

And other things.

I’m ready to look up past his chin into his clear eyes and know that he remembers the real me. But I’ve changed a little too much for him to find me and I don't know how clear his eyes will be. I’m ready for him to get off the airplane, hold me in his arms tight, and promise me he’ll never leave for that long again. But he won’t be able to make the promises I want. And even if he does, I won't believe him. I’m ready for him to sweep me off my feet and tell me we will live happily ever after. But happily ever after is a lot more work than that.

I’m not ready. Not today.

What do you do to remind yourself that you've accomplished ALOT during this deployment, regardless of what the house looks like today?

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