Except in December


Ah, kids...they certainly do have a clear perspective on some things.

My oldest daughter just left for summer camp and is attending a civilian drama camp courtesy of this generous program.  There will be many other Navy kids there, too.  Over breakfast before she left, I (casually, I hope) mentioned that this might be the first time that the camp staff and other campers got to spend any length of time with military kids, and that I hoped that they made a favorable impression.  We continued chatting, and I kept saying "military kids," then correcting myself and saying "Navy kids."

After a few times, she responded that "military kids are pretty much all the same.  Except in December, of course."

Say what?

As fast as my caffeine-deprived brain could manage, I said, "Do you mean November?"  I was thinking that perhaps she thought that different branches of the military had different political views.  Just as I was about to launch into my opinions on that topic, she stopped me.

"You know, whenever that game is."

Game?  What game?  And then it hit me:  The Army-Navy football game.  It is sort of a big deal in our house, and especially after that year we spent playing Army, my kids know that the Army-Navy (or any inter-service) rivalry is always a good subject for some humor.

So there you have it.  Politics are absolutely unimportant, as long as we know what side of the Army-Navy aisle you prefer.

photo by: rhwalker22

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