Getting Professionally Clean


As I type this, my house is being cleaned from top to bottom. I’m sitting outside trying to enjoy the birds chirping, but their lovely songs are being drowned out by the hum from the vacuum and huge carpet-cleaning machine.

I told you I would share all the nitty-gritty details with our upcoming move, so here's where I air out our dirty laundry. Having a company perform a “move-out clean” is a weight off of our shoulders and will save us from stress in the long run, but boy do I feel like a slacker for not cleaning myself. I’m sure I could have called some of my girlfriends over, ordered pizza, and busted out the wonderful Magic Eraser, brooms, and toilet bowl cleaners, but I highly doubt I would’ve even considered cleaning the fan blades or air vents. And there’s no way we could have cleaned the spots our dog left on carpet during her potty-training days.

I’m an amateur cleaner, at best; I clean just enough to make it look nice, but I don’t really take it much further than that. My husband is a fantastic cleaner, but he has too much going on right now with work and school. We want our house to look great so it will hopefully sell faster, but if we attempted to do our own deep-cleaning, we may be cleaning forever.

I definitely don’t see us as a family who will routinely hire cleaners to come clean our house (I personally find this whole situation to be a bit awkward), but every once in awhile—like before you’re trying to sell a house and want it looking picture perfect, I think hiring professionals may be the way to go. Do you do your own dirty work or hire professionals cleaners before a big move?

photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography

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