The Perils of Reintegration: The Gear Edition


Hi, my name is airforcewife, and my husband is a Geardo. But many of you already know that.

I had gotten used to having a quarter of our basement taken up with Air Force Guy's gear while he was deployed, and in my silliness I had forgotten (probably purposefully), that the gear the man took with and acquired during his deployment would be coming home with him.

At this point, my basement could be featured on an episode of Hoarders. I know I'm not the only one - they could probably run a weekend marathon on the Military Channel about Gear Horders. In fact, when my Grandfather died, we found helmets in his office. Helmets from World War II, no less. And plural - if you noticed. What that man thought he was going to need WWII era helmets for in 2006 is beyond me. And wasn't he supposed to turn those things back in? Let's not even get started on all those darn manuals and publications that are slowly rotting down there. Can't we recycle those things?

Also - does anyone out there have a read on just how many fleece jackets one man needs? And what is the shelf life on a pair of combat boots? When is it okay to throw those things away? We have some truly gnarly pairs down there that my husband assures me he will use for painting, or mowing (we have a lawn service).

There has got to be support group out there for this issue. There just has to be.

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