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I enjoy watching military movies and tv shows and documentaries with myhusband. Being in the Navy and what he does is such a huge part ofhim and how he spends his days (and sometimes nights and weeks andmonths), but it is a part of him that I don't really get to knowabout. Not with any real depth or context. So glancing over to seehis face as he watches Bad Voodoo's War or sitting down together towatch The Hurt Locker is a way to bridge that gap.

When my husband returns from deployment we readjust our MarriedUnitqueue on Netflix so we will have things to watch together. When hecame home two years ago we rolled through the NCIS series. And hedeveloped a habit that still carries through today.

PeriodicallySeadaddy will reach behind him and pull out the imaginary BS flag towave around as a signal for me to pause what we are watching. Then Iwill hear how those socks are not worn with that uniform, or why thatchain of events would never occur, and on and on (and on and on). Ican see how this might drive someone else crazy, but I really love it.It is one of the things I am going to miss the most when he leaves thissummer.

I am not saying we sit and hold hands while watching Army Wives.There are limits. Even if it is imaginary, he'd rather find a way topoke his eye out with the BS flag than watch some things.

But I like being able to learn little by little some of what he knows and does.

A few military spouses have started a new blogreviewing military themed movies. And as I was reading their posts, itseems I am not alone in appreciating the chance movies give us to gainperspective of our spouse's experiences.

Where do you fall when it comes to watching this genre of films andtv? Do you stay away altogether when they are deployed and even whenthey are home? Do you enjoy the fact checking play by play? Do younot see the point in nitpicking something that isn't real?

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