Switching Branches

But first! Remember the Red, White & You USO Sweethearts? They made it to Iraq unmelted and intact. When I asked Seadaddy to check their status for me, there was eye rolling and possibly huffing and puffing at having to get up and get them.

"Jeez Jenn, what did you think was gonna happen to them?!"

Apparently nothing will happen to them. Just take my easily exasperated husband's word for it :-)

But about switching branches . . . my sailor husband is due to pcs soon. Our window is open as it seems to be called and this is my first time dealing with this "open window" as a military spouse. We married in the middle of his training on the way to our current duty station and I wasn't really involved in the particulars of Seadaddy's last orders "negotiation".

Seadaddy's current shore duty is not even a solely Navy command. Our neighborhood on post has all branches present. We live on post and not on base! Seadaddy just got back from his second trip to Iraq. And I say all this because I am getting nervous that I am not cut out to be a Navy wife. What if I can't hack it? The idea of Seadaddy calling me from some

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