School is OUT for Summer (Active Duty WIVES RULE!)


As I sat in the very busy parking lot at my sons school today, it hit me....

My son is done with first grade. I am not sure how this happened. It seems like yesterday, I was sitting in my living room trying to find a Dr. for his physical at his new school, sitting and trying to figure out start times, lunch menus. Trying to find a pre-k for my little one as well, interviewing schools, and looking for all of the immunization records (which are never where I thought they would or should be)

I am a National Guard Wife, so we as a rule never have to PCS. We happened to request a move etc last year. So we did it. I also promise you, I feel like a wuss for confessing this. I never want to do it AGAIN. No thank you. There is simply too much to do, I thought I might go mad by the end.

And I suppose while I am confessing to being such a wuss, I will also confess to not having everything unpacked.

I also think you active duty wives need to know your experience WOWS me! Seriously. The DOD should ask each of you how to run the show, because frankly you are some of the most energetic, and organized folks I know.

Please share your best PCS secrets with all of us!

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