It's a Small World, After All...


We've had more than a few unexpected reunions during our many years as a military family. We've run into old friends and acquaintances in some very unlikely places. Over Christmas, we had one of the more bizarre -- yet wonderful -- reunions we've ever had.

We didn't have room to take a few of our Christmas presents on the airplane with us, so we decided to ship them home. My mother said, "Go to the store I use, they're great." So we did, and boy were we in for a surprise.

We lugged our items in the store and lo and behold, there stood someone we were stationed with at Ft. Hood. Almost sixteen years ago! I didn't recognize him immediately as we've all aged a bit in 16 years (ahem), but he and my husband recognized one another on sight. I think all of us were stunned. We kept saying, "Can you believe this?"

It was great catching up with an old friend. We stayed at the store for almost an hour chatting. Each Christmas, I pray for small, portable gifts so we don't have to ship stuff back. This year, I'm grateful our families didn't oblige.

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