Can't Wait To Give It Back

Last week when we talked to Butterfly Wife and Jack Bauer on the radio, we touched on the chores that we take over for our deployed spouse.  We said that there are those that we find we enjoy doing and don't want to relinquish, and those that we can't wait to give back.

I just mowed the front yard, and I'm taking a break from the 91° heat before I start on the backyard.  Yep, that is definitely one I can't wait to give back.

Also, I can't wait until my husband comes home so he can take over dog-walking responsibilities again.  Often we'll all go together as a family, but if I ever don't feel like going or have something else going on, my husband walks the dog every day.  I loathe doing it -- it's so boring to walk around alone -- but I do it because it's good for the doggy.  But I can't wait to give that one back too.

What can't you wait to give back?

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