It's been more than three months since I left home to be a 'non-military medical attendant' for my son in MN while he goes through limb lengthening!  Lengthening done, external fixator off - we are preparing to go home this week!

I think I'm having reintegration issues!

I'm thinking about going home and all I can think is that my husband has been home for three months without the aid of his housekeeper, cook, laundress and maid!  It's a bit daunting and somewhat frightening!  I have all the anxious feelings about wanting to get home and being excited to see him again.  However, the horrid thought taking clear shape in my head is - "I really hope he gets the house professionally cleaned before I come home!"

I'm wondering if spouses feel the same.  I usually do all the above (and hold down a full time plus job), so who's doing it now?????!!!!??  Do husbands/wives feel the same way when they come home?  It's not that I hope the husband has changed - wouldn't want that!  It's that I want to come home and not have to rush right into doing all the stuff I have to do.  So, would a husband want the grass mowed, the odds and ends jobs completed, the plumbing working?????

I've read a lot about wives wanting to exercise and lose weight or buy a great new outfit before the husband comes home - we don't usually hear a lot from the male spouses about how they prepare for the wives homecoming.  But, I'm wondering if what the guys really want is... to come home and have the lawn mowed, the flower beds weeded, the laundry door fixed, pesky dripping in the master bedroom bath resolved, the shelves put up in the closet or - for the true home enthusiasts - the new bathroom put in - stuff that he would normally be responsible for accomplishing?  This is in no way replacing him - just giving him time to settle back in without instantly worrying about his 'regular' duties.

I've decided next time Stef is TDY for some long period of time, before he comes home I'm gonna hire a handy man to fix all that stuff.  That way, when he comes home, he can just relax and enjoy his 'castle'.

Meanwhile, I'll be driving cross country this week .... daydreaming.  Boy, it'd be nice to come home to a clean house with the smell of fresh bread baking!!!!  Won't happen, but it sure would be nice!

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