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When I began blogging in 2003, I had no idea that it could lead to such exciting and fulfilling moments like SpouseBuzz Live II.  Having a place like SpouseBuzz is equivalent to having a big group hug waiting in cyberspace whenever you want. 

Going to a SpouseBuzz Live event, however, brings that virtual hug into reality and creates connections that even Bill Gates may never have contemplated.

For those of you who took the time to not only come to the event and participate, but also to seek out one of us on the author panel to talk to us one-on-one, thank you.  It was wonderful to meet you and your children and to hear about your lives, triumphs, struggles, fears, pride and resolve.  From the presentation of the colors to the closing remarks, I could truly feel connections being made all over the place!

As if the chocolate fountain, Billy Blanks and the diamond dig weren't exciting enough, we also had a chance to talk about things like blogging, our futures, and what it means to experience life as a military spouse.  You came with good ideas and you were willing to share.  As Air Force Wife put it during our panel discussion, it was like a family reunion of sorts because we are one, big family--bumps and all. 

Many of you admitted to being lurkers at SpouseBuzz rather than a reader who makes regular comments...why not challenge yourself to share your SpouseBuzz memories below or, if you weren't in attendance, perhaps post a comment regarding something you read here that made a difference to you.

Go on.  You know you want to!

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