Incoming ... and on target


Having just wrestled sure success from failure on a topic near and dear to most men, (well, maybe not sure success, but ...) I thought I'd share one of my "guy" flubs with those of you who, well, know better (from birth).  So as I logged on to SpouseBUZZ as one of the authors, I did what we all do as we log on.  We quickly review recent posts, laugh out loud and at times become quite proud of one of our fellow authors who has seized on a thought and made it make sense.  And sometimes, it sidetracks you from the topic you were going to address, to something radically different -- as is the case now.

For those of you out there in the Blogosphere, a quick reminder that most of the 12-13 of the authors on SB have met only briefly either in person or in a sidebar on the net.  In that time, a fellowship and camaraderie was established about "who we are" on the outside as well as "what we are about" on the inside.  We're a disparate group for sure, but we all came to the meeting table w/ the walls down and the "doors open" as we had to get inside each others head to make this thing work. 

Below this post, is Molly's "Incoming" work of art.

And let me tell you, she was on-target.

If you haven't read the post -- do it.  IF you've already read it, read it again.  Machs nichts on your gender here, her words are equally applicable to us all, cause we've all either been there, or we're going to be there, and for some of us, we're going to be there again. 

Gentlemen, if you're the milspouse as am I, then this whole scenario she addresses becomes even trickier for us as we're wired to outwardly suppress each and every point that Molly makes -- and folks, I'm here to tell you, failing to acknowledge these issues is a recipe for sure disaster.  Our wives for probably the first time in history, on a scale never before seen in a modern military, are engaging the foes at home and abroad while we, the husbands, "keep the light on" and the fires burning.  This role reversal can take a toll on your psyche if you let it.  Molly has given you an insight -- think it over, then let's talk.

"Incoming" was on target. Molly -- you-done-good-girl, thanks,

O&O, MaintenanceToadOne

(... and yes, I do have "the light on" in my front window, each and every nite.  We put it there, my wife for me/me for my wife, and it's there for each of your milspouses to help in a small way to light their way home, back to you. Ever thought of putting one in your front window?)

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