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As a spouse and a parent, one of the best things we can do is empower our children.  To let them know they are heard, and they are not alone in having a parent that serves in the military.  Kishand2

Tara Crooks stopped in the comments in my last post, and left a GREAT LINK , to a list of books that are great for children. 

Among those listed, was a book called The Kissing Hand.  This book, has been a favorite at our home since both of the children were small. 

It is a story about a small raccoon headed to school for the first time, and his fear of being separated from his Mother.  He is scared to be alone, and in a strange place, and worried about his Mother all alone.  She assures him, with a kiss in the center of his palm that he only has to look at his hand to remember her love. 

This is a great tale and works  on many different levels.  It assures a child that may have separation anxiety, it lets the child know that it is OK to be scared of starting school, or maybe even changing schools. 

Plus, you may even get a kiss in the center of your hand before you leave the house.

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