Our Best of the Decade: SpouseBuzz in Review

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Sometimes, we look back to see how far we’ve come. Other times, we look back to laugh, learn or feel that sweet pang of nostalgia. Occasionally, we look back and see that the things that were so important then don't matter at all. And, more often than not, we realize that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

After thousands of posts on SpouseBuzz and Military.com over the last decade, it’s impossible to narrow it down to our 10 best or our 10 favorite. But here are 10 that best represent the military spouse experience:

2010: The Challenge of Those Phone Calls

Trade the Blackberry for the iPhone or Android, and this post has stood the test of time. Spoiler alert: Communication during deployment is STILL HARD.

2011: The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

Ever means ever. And this advice is just as good today as it was in 2011.

2012: Ms. Vicki: 6 Tips for a Trip to the Man Cave During Football Season

Oh, Ms. Vicki. How we love her blunt advice, her sage wisdom and the scandals she seems to attract. But in the midst of football season, this post about how to navigate the game is more about forging connection than understanding a blitz. But that’s in there, too.

2013: What Your Mother-in-Law Failed to Tell You

Mother-in-laws. Can’t live with them. Your spouse wouldn’t exist without them.

2014: New Adultery Rules for Military Spouses?

Somehow, this post goes viral every year or two, with hundreds of thousands of readers sharing and chiming in. Who would have thought the discussion of a broken relationship could lead to breaking the internet? Alas, it does.

2015: Dear Military, Here’s Why I’m Thankful for You

It’s easy to get down on the military life with all the moving and the leaving and the goodbyes and the ... did we mention moving? This great piece reflects on the good of this crazy life.

2016: Dear Home Sales Friend: I’m Sorry

We all have that friend (or it might be you!) who sells leggings or beauty products or nail art or (insert products here). Here’s what happened when one of our writers realized that her friends weren’t victims of a Ponzi scheme, but actual entrepreneurs.

2017: How to Prepare for a PCS in 70 Easy Steps

This is one of our favorite pieces of all time. Whether you moved in 2019 or you haven’t picked up a box since 1999, you’ll appreciate the sarcasm of these 70 Easy Steps.

2018: Don’t Accidentally Call This Sex Hotline When Dialing Tricare

You’re welcome.

2019: 8 Photos that Celebrate the Diversity of the Military Family

One thing that hasn’t changed since 2010 but that people are finally recognizing: Our families are beautifully diverse.

This decade has been full of laughter, tears, growth and finding our own resilience. We are so thankful that you’ve been with us for every step of the way. From all of us at Military.com: Happy New Year to you and your family!

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