Adorable Future Fighter Pilot Presents Qualifications to Air Force General

Riley Eaton gave to Gen. Mike Holmes her list of five reasons that she should be a fighter pilot. (Facebook)
Riley Eaton gave to Gen. Mike Holmes her list of five reasons that she should be a fighter pilot. (Facebook)

The commander of the Defense Department's Air Combat Command has identified a future fighter pilot -- but she's going to have to grow up first.

Military kid Riley Eaton attended a medal ceremony for her father at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and presented U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Holmes, ACC commander, with a list of reasons why she would make "a good fighter pilot." Her father, Lt. Col. Timothy "TJ" Eaton, a reservist with an inspector general's office there, received the Distinguished Flying Cross from Holmes March 21.

(Gen Mike Holmes Facebook)

The Distinguished Flying Cross is cool. But Riley is cooler. On her qualifications list? Only the important stuff ... Or at least stuff that's an important consideration to a kid.

Titled "Five reasons I think I would be a good fighter pilot," the list laid it out as clear as can be.

  1. I am very athletic. (Lots of ski race trophies).
  2. I HATE to lose.
  3. I want to protect this country for others.
  4. I am beautiful and will look good on camera (if I am in a Thunderbird).
  5. I don't back down from a fight until I win.

But of course the actual list, signed "Sincerely Riley Paige," is better -- and shared with us by Gen. Holmes on his Facebook page. Take a look.

(Gen Mike Holmes Facebook)

Holmes said in his post that he believes the Air Force is the right place for her -- someday.

"I got to meet a future fighter pilot today, and go over her list of qualifications," he wrote. "I think there's a bright United States Air Force future for you, Riley."


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