New Report Offers Military Spouse Career Ideas

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A new report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation looks to help military spouses answer one of life questions made a lot more complicated by the realities of military life: "what should I be when I grow-up?"

That's a hard enough to question to answer for people with normal life concerns. But factoring in the challenges of frequent moves and likely solo-parenting periods amps up the pressure for military spouses to find careers that are both in high demand and flexible.

How do you pick a career that moves well and can bend to the needs of your family?

The Chamber Foundation set out to answer those questions in a five-part report series, the first of which was released late last month.

That 18-page report takes a look at 10 careers that don't require a professional license, but also have a low barrier for entry by not necessarily requiring a 4-year degree or more than five years of on-the-job training. The career paths that made the list also are likely to be located near a military installation and have positive projected growth over the next decade.

In short, these are 10 career paths that could be truly perfect for military spouses.

The careers are: software developer; market research analyst; human resources manager; information securities analyst; business operations specialist; web developer; sales manager; property or real estate manager; office supervisor; and civil engineer.

While the report provides salary details and some basic information for all of them, it really deep dives into the first three, looking at what's required to break in and more.

The report can be found on the Chamber's website.

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