ICE Comment System Back Up for Everyone

The Interactive Customer Evaluation system. (Mr. Tim Hipps/IMCOM)
The Interactive Customer Evaluation system. (Mr. Tim Hipps/IMCOM)

About 80 days after going down for most users, the Defense Department's official customer comment system, known as ICE, came back online June 8.

Users both on and Defense Department computers can now successfully submit comments, an official said.

An official speculated June 5 that the system would soon be repaired, but wasn't able to give a firm date. The program went live for all users again while this blogger was on vacation.

Military.com readers first told us this system was down in late March. Officials with the Defense Information Systems Agency, which manages ICE, later confirmed it had been down since March 21, but only for those using it outside the Defense Department network.

Those users were greeted with a page load error. Users inside the DoD's network, however, could still submit comments while also viewing a notice that told them the system was down for everyone outside the network.

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"Currently ICE is only available to managers and customers on .mil networks. It cannot be accessed on personal computers or other devices not on a .mil network," the announcement said. "DISA is working on resolving this issue as quickly as possible."

We're big fans of the ICE process, which allows users to submit comments directly to program managers. By checking a "response" box on the online comment forms, users can also make sure someone gets back with them.

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