ICE System Still Down – For Now

(U.S. Army)
(U.S. Army)

After more than two months of not working, the military's online comment system used for fielding the good, bad and ugly about all the Defense Department's sections and services is still down for almost all users. ... for now.

That could end as soon as this week, officials said.

"The ICE system should be up for non .mil users later this week," Russell Goemaere, a spokesman for the Defense Information Systems Agency said in an email this week.

Currently, only ".mil" users on Defense Department computers are able to access the system. An announcement about the outage for non-DoD users is posted on the ICE website, but only those who can

That makes perfect sense, right?

I'd say file an ICE comment about the system not working, but, well, you know.

Thanks, in part, to a continual drumbeat from the military's services and departments, ICE is the primary way for families to offer feedback on programs. According to the Army last year, comments about the service's MWR programs make up over 55 percent of all ICE feedback, with more than 4.2 million comments overall.

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