Does the Corps Make Him Carry Condoms?

Ms. Vicki
Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki,

My husband swears that the Marine Corps makes him carry condoms when he is deployed.

We have had several issues, and I believe that my husband is unfaithful to me. He swears that he is not.

I think I know the answer to my question, but felt after 20 years together he at least deserves for me to ask before I walk away.

So, have you ever heard of the Corps mandatorily handing out condoms to its troops?

-- Just Wondering

Dear Wondering,

I asked several Marines in leadership positions about this question. They all said it is not written in any rulebook that Marines have to carry a condom while deployed. It is not mandatory.

However, these leaders did advise that perhaps his gunnery sergeant, first sergeant or commander gives guidance to the Marines while in formation as a "sidebar" or "sideline" coaching. The unit may have been told to carry condoms and avoid venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

I think the important thing here is that you suspect he isn't telling the truth. After 20 years together, it would be helpful for you to sit down with a counselor. If your husband won't go with you, go on your own.

So again, while carrying a condom is good advice that may have been given to a unit, it is not mandatory for Marines. Please let me know how everything turns out, OK?

-- Ms. Vicki

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