Domicile Residence and Travel Restrictions

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There are generally no restrictions on where you may retire. Travel restrictions are generally the same as for all civilians, and thus subject to State Department regulations. Exceptions usually only apply for members who were previously assigned to areas which required special security clearances. Members may not travel to those areas until their security restrictions have expired.

Below is some information which may be useful for retirees who travel or live overseas.

Change of Address

To change your address you can contact DFAS several ways. The fastest way is through the myPay website.

If you prefer, there are other contact methods, always provide your full name, daytime phone number, social security number and signature on all written correspondence.


Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. However, Monday is the busiest day, so we recommend calling Tuesday through Friday for shorter wait times.

Toll-free: 800-321-1080Local: 216-522-5955DSN: 580-5955


Toll-free: 800-469-6559


Defense Finance and Accounting Service
U.S. Military Retired Pay
8899 E 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46249-1200

Keeping Informed

Retiree Publications - Official service-wide publications such as Afterburner, Army Echoes, and Shift Colors are mailed to retirees and their survivors whose names and addresses are on file with their respective Finance and Accounting Centers. These publications contain valuable information aimed at keeping their addressees informed about matters of nation-wide interest such as health benefits, pay matters (to include COLAs) plus other items. The unofficial service-related associations normally publish periodicals informing their members of matters of a more narrowly defined interest. Each of the above types of publications should be read and used by retirees as a means of keeping informed.

Every retiree is reminded to read all the mail which is received from his branch of service. The services do not send out "junk" mail, and what you receive may be very, very important to you or to your dependents.

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