Ask Ms. Vicki: A Question About Retirement Benefits

Ms. Vicki
Ms. Vicki

Dear Ms. Vicki,

My husband and I divorced 4 years ago. In the decree I chose not to waive my rights to his retirement, he retired two years ago and I have received zero payment.

The first year he asked if I could hold off since he was having a hard time finding work. I agreed to wait one year but now we are at two years and when I ask about it he ignores the question.

My understanding is that here in the state of California he was supposed to file some form with DFAS to start the allotment. Since he didn't what can I do?

Do I need to get an attorney? We filed our divorce on our own without an attorney (big mistake) I could have used the guidance. Help!


Sinking in Southern California

Dear Sinking,

Oh my goodness! Did you file your own divorce, with the retirement pay agreement in writing?

If not, I don't think there will be much you can do about it, especially if your ex-husband does not honor his word.

Either way, I think you should contact DFAS. Their website is and their number is 888-332-7411. See what DFAS says.

If it's not favorable then I would contact an attorney. I hope things work out in your favor.


Ms. Vicki

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