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MILLINGTON, Tenn. -- In support of mission readiness and worldwide deployability in the new year, Navy officials remind Sailors of the importance of maintaining a current Family Care Plan.

"A Family Care Plan benefits Sailors by allowing them to have instructions in place to take care of family members who are unable to care for themselves," said Bill Harris, Family Care Plan program manager. "A detailed plan also ensures Navy personnel can fulfill their military duties, including deployments, normal and extended work hours, temporary assigned duty, weekend duty and more."

A Family Care Plan is a group of documents, including a Family Care Certificate (NAVPERS 1740/6), Family Care Plan Arrangements (NAVPERS 1740/7), and legal documents such as custody or separation agreements, custody and support orders, divorce decrees or related written agreements.

"A good Family Care Plan takes care of Sailors and family members, and contributes to commands being fully mission ready," said Harris.

Formal documentation of a Family Care Plan is required under any of the following conditions:

** A Sailor with primary or shared physical custody of a minor child or children who is not married to the other natural or adoptive parent of the minor child or children.

** Both members of a married dual-military couple where one or both have primary or shared physical custody of a minor child or children.

** Sailors who are legally responsible for an adult family member who is incapable of providing for themselves in the absence of the Sailor.

** Certain family circumstances or other personal-status changes resulting in a Sailor becoming legally and primarily responsible for the care of another person.

"Sailors must submit a new or updated Family Care Plan upon reporting to a new duty station, change in caregiver circumstances, or change in personal or family circumstances, such as birth or adoption of a child, or assumption of sole care for an elderly or incapacitated family member," said Harris. "Failure to maintain an adequate Family Care Plan may result in administrative separation from the Naval service."

More information can be found in the Family Care Plan instruction, OPNAVINST 1740.4D.

Support for caregivers designated in Family Care Plans is available Navy-wide through Fleet and Family Service Centers, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Military OneSource, base Child Development Centers, Navy Operational Support Centers and community and family support groups.

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