Military Support Groups and Centers


If you or your family is having troubles, look into the military's extensive network of support groups and centers. There is help available for a myriad of matters, including financial, relationship, criminal, adjustment, substance abuse, and other problems.

Military OneSource

Military OneSource is the Department of Defense's comprehensive resource to help today's military families face life's everyday challenges. Military Onesource also offers free assistance to troops and their families 24 hours a day 7 days a week at 1-800-342-9647.

Family Centers

Department of Defense (DoD) family centers have served as the focal point for military families since their inception over 25 years ago. The term "family centers" is used generically to identify Army Community Service Centers, Navy and Marine Corps Family Service Centers, and Air Force Family Support Centers. The DoD family centers typically include a variety of services that assist military members and families deal with the unique demands of the military lifestyle. The focus of family support programs is to keep family members informed, to support them when necessary, and to encourage self-sufficiency.

Inspectors General

Inspectors General are an extension of the eyes, ears, and conscience of their commanders and report upon the mission accomplishment, state of discipline, training and readiness, and morale of their commands. Inspectors General gather information through the use of processing requests for assistance or complaints from the military and civilian communities. If you suspect criminal or unjust activity in your unit or base, contact an Inspector General.

Private Help

There are many groups that may be able to help you or your family when the need beckons. Some of the most well known groups, such as the Army Emergency Relief and the Armed Services YMCA, are linked above in the "Private Help" section.

There are programs for all members of any branch, on every duty status.

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