Fleet and Family Support Center

The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) offers a variety of services and programs to support the military lifestyle. They include:

Information and Referral (I&R)

The I&R program provides a service to Sailors and their families by which they can learn what is offered by the FFSC, Navy and local community about how to access the information and services they want or need. Typically, in response to a direct request, I&R offers basic information such as organization names, telephone numbers, addresses, and/or physical accessibility. Some of the information available relates to local military and civilian community services such as education, life-enrichment, and therapeutic services. Callers may remain anonymous, if so desired.

Navy Family Ombudsman Program

Ombudsmen are volunteers married to a member of the command. They provide a communication link between the Commanding Officer and family members. Trained as Information and Referral I&R) specialists, they provide information to families regarding ,but not limited to, command/Navy policies, deployment schedules and assistance to spouses when the servicemember is deployed. All Navy commands, including shore activities, usually have an Ombudsman assigned. Information useful for Ombudsmen and family members can be found at the Navy's Ombudsman/Deployment Support Website.

Family Employment Readiness Program

Most Navy spouses work. It can be challenging to maintain a career while transferring to new duty stations with your Sailor or being stationed overseas and in remote areas. The goal of the Family Employment Readiness Program is to help you learn how to get a job and maintain a career as a military family member. A variety of services are available to family members looking for employment through your local Fleet and Family Support Center. If you don't live near a Family Support Center, some services, such as coaching and resume reviews, can be done via the phone or email. Family Employment Resources provides information about eligibility requirements, positions, and how to use spouse preference.

New Parent Support(NPSP)

This is a voluntary early intervention program for new parents. The key component is home visitation. It is designed to promote healthy family functioning, child development, and positive parent-child interactions. More information can be obtained from the Fleet and Family Support Division Website.

Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)

Offers information to those new to an area or about future duty stations. The Website provides information about military installations worldwide. Welcome aboard and information packages are available at FFSCs.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Department of Labor's TAP program not only provides information and assistance to servicemembers considering separation or retirement but also welcomes spouses to participate in workshops. These workshops include employment, resume' writing, benefits (current and veteran), relocation, and financial planning. For more, see the DOL TAP page for more information.

Personal Financial Planning

The Navy's FFSC website provides financial information. In addition one-on-one financial counseling is available from Navy Command Financial Specilists (CFS). Learn about budgeting, home buying, checkbook management, and financial issues related to deployment. CFSs help Sailors and families to develop spending plans and also provide investment information.

Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

designed to address the prevention, identification, reporting, intervention, treatment, and follow-up of child and spouse maltreatment. Five primary goals: 1) prevention of family violence, 2) victim safety and protection, 3) offender accountability, 4) rehabilitative education and counseling, 5) community accountability/responsibility for a consistent, appropriate response. For more, see this page.

Deployment Support

Designed to help servicemembers and their families successfully manage the challenges of deployment (separation) by helping them to better anticipate and understand the physical and emotional demands associated with deployment. Services are offered prior to deployment, during deployment and post deployment. Information can also be found at the Deployment Support website.

Sexual Assault Victim Intervention (SAVI) Program

offers a standardized, consistent, victim sensitive system to prevent and respond to sexual assault Navy-wide. The program provides awareness and prevention education, and victim advocacy and intervention services to all Navy servicemembers and their families. For more, see the SAVI page.

FFSCs also offer a wide variety of counseling, classes and assistance in areas not listed above as well as Information and Referral services. Visit the Navy FFSC website for more information about services and locations. Your local FFSC can provide a list of classes currently offered.

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