Family Care Plan

airman and spouse fill out paperwork

One of the most important considerations of family readiness is to ensure that your family is taken care of during times of drills, annual training, mobilization and deployment. A Family Care Plan is very important for all families, and is especially critical for single parents and dual military parents.

A Family Care Plan should be developed whether you expect to be deployed or not; in fact many units will require you to develop a formal Family Care Plan. Taking care of these considerations now will help you and your family be prepared for any period of separation.

When you prepare your plan, be sure to do the following:

  • Assign a guardian for your family in a special Power of Attorney and make sure that the guardian understands his/her responsibilities.
  • Obtain ID and commissary cards, register in DEERS, and check to make sure all ID cards have not expired.
  • Sign up for SGLI or a similar group life insurance, and update all beneficiary information.
  • Arrange for housing, food, transportation and emergency needs.
  • Inform your spouse or any caretakers about your financial matters.
  • Arrange for your guardian to have access to necessary funds.
  • Arrange for child care, education and medical care.
  • Prepare a will, and designate a guardian in the will.
  • Arrange for necessary travel and escort to transfer family members to their guardian.
  • Discuss your plans with your older children.
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