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Military Caregiver Courses Help Spouses at Home

Shundra Johnson holds a wheelchair for her husband Coast Guard Lt. Sancho Johnson as he gets into a car while traveling to the Navy’s wounded warrior training camp. Shundra is also her husband’s caregiver. (DoD News photo by EJ Hersom)

The PsychArmor Institute's military caregiver video courses are designed to give veteran spouses and family members help with tackling the difficult issues that caring for and living with a veteran can bring.

The first set of caregiver videos focuses on the psychological injuries a veteran may be experiencing, and helps caregivers understand and work through those issues.

"Our hope is that this particular presentation will be helpful to families of veterans," Heidi Kraft, a clinical psychologist, Navy veteran and PsychArmor's clinical director says in the introduction video. "We hope that this will give you the information you need, as well as help you understand some of your own feelings."

In this introduction video to the "Invisible Wounds of War at Home" series, Kraft explains the purpose of the series, discusses what an invisible wound is, and details four different invisible wounds or clinical diagnoses that a veteran may be experiencing and a military caregiver may be witnessing.

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