Our Bad Military Movers Offered Us a Bribe

(Photo: Military.com)
(Photo: Military.com)

Dear Q&B,

When the movers dropped off our stuff, they got in a fight with each other. They were cussing and almost walked out on us, all because one felt the other wasn't doing enough work. They also didn't want to put any of our stuff together. It got so bad that I had to intervene to calm them down.

Now, the moving company wants to pay us $300 if we move our rating from a "1" to a "3." That sounds like bribery to me. I'm guessing that goes against military policy. Am I right? What should we do?

-- I Don't Want the Money


That sounds like bribery to us, too. Whether moving companies or their subcontractors receive repeat military permanent change of station (PCS) business is based on the ratings customers like you give -- and they know it. It's in their best interest to make sure they make you happy, do their jobs and get a good rating.

But doing a bad job and then offering you cash to make sure your rating matches what they need is not the way to go about it. And officials at U.S. Transportation Command's Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) agree. Not only is it a big no-no, the company could be prosecuted.

"In accordance with the Defense Transportation Regulation Part IV, Appendix B, Transportation Service Providers are prohibited from making false, fictitious or fraudulent representations," Fred Rice, an SDDC spokesman told us. "This type of behavior would fall under the category of an 'unethical act' and is subject to punitive actions and/or other criminal penalties."

You should go ahead and report the provider to your local transportation office, decline the cash and rate them appropriately in light of these shenanigans.

-- Team Q&B

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