'SEAL Team' Is Back for Season 6 to Face the Consequences of That Ambush in Mali

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes and Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry in "SEAL Team." (Photo: Monty Brinton/Paramount+)

For season six, "SEAL Team" fully embraces its new freedom as a streaming-only show on Paramount+ with an intense onscreen battle that shows Bravo Team trying to fight its way out of the ambush in Mali that was the season-five cliffhanger.

The new season premieres on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022, on Paramount+ and subsequent installments of the 10-episode season will premiere every Sunday.

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The battle scene goes on far longer than anything you would've seen when the show aired on CBS, and the camera doesn't cut away from the injuries that team members suffer during the battle. It's more intense and more realistic than what they've been allowed to show before.

The careers and lives of several characters are in the balance as the season kicks off. No spoilers here, but the "SEAL Team" story plays out in some surprising ways over the course of this first episode. Everyone on the team is facing changes, and some will come through them better than others.

Spencer Hudnut
"SEAL Team" executive producer Spencer Hudnut (Paramount+)

Spencer Hudnut is the executive producer for "SEAL Team," and he's been with the show as a writer and producer since it premiered in 2017. He talked with Military.com about the new season.

Not many shows have made the transition from broadcast to streaming, and almost none of those has the devoted fan base enjoyed by "SEAL Team."

"We didn't want to change the show dramatically when we moved from CBS, but we have some creative flexibility on a streaming platform," Hudnut said. "We can dig a little deeper; things are a little bit darker."

SEAL Team David Boreanaz Jessica Paré
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes and Jessica Paré as Mandy Ellis in "SEAL Team." (Photo: Monty Brinton/Paramount+)

"SEAL Team" has always made an effort to have veterans on the production team. The first episode of the new season was co-written by Hudnut and Navy SEAL veteran Mark Semos.

"Mark started with the show as a technical adviser and worked as a double in the pilot," said Hudnut. "He then started season one in the writers room after we co-wrote his first script."

Former SEAL Kenny Sheard joined the staff as a technical adviser in season three and now works as a writer on the show. "I would say these guys are writers who happen to have been SEALs; they're not SEALs who have become writers," said Hudnut. "They both just had that innate storytelling ability. That's not something you can really just turn on or off in somebody. They're not advisers, but actual writer/producers now on the show because of the storytelling ability they had when they arrived."

SEAL Team AJ Buckley
AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn in "SEAL Team." (Photo: Monty Brinton/Paramount+)

Hudnut believes the move to streaming has worked out for the best.

"The Paramount+ folks are thrilled with the size of our audience. And that's a testament to our loyal viewers who did make the trek with us to Paramount+," Hudnut said. "Of course, $5 a month is not nothing. I understand that there are people who, unfortunately, have not been able to continue with us. And we obviously miss those folks and hope that they can find the show down the road."

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