How to Watch 'SEAL Team' Season 6

David Boreanaz SEAL Team Season 6
David Boreanaz stars in "SEAL Team" Season 6. (Instagram screenshot)

The popular military drama "SEAL Team" is set to return for its sixth season on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022, for a 10-episode run. The show no longer airs on the CBS broadcast network, so you'll have to subscribe to Paramount+ to follow the story.

David Boreanaz, one of the most popular actors in television history, stars as team leader Jason Hayes. Boreanaz has been a regular on television for more than two decades, starring on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel," "Bones" and now "SEAL Team."

When season five ended, the team had been ambushed on a mission to Mali. There's a big question as to whether everyone survived, and fans of the show are especially concerned about the fate of SEAL Clay Spenser, played by Max Thieriot. The intrigue is amped up because Thieriot is set to star in the series "Fire Country" on CBS this fall.

Even though all the advance promotion for "SEAL Team" season six has featured Clay Spenser, there's a question as to whether Thieriot will be able to star in two series at the same time. That question makes episode one of the show a very big deal.

New episodes will be available at approximately 3am ET Sunday mornings.

"SEAL Team" is streaming exclusively on Paramount+, the streaming service owned by the CBS network's parent company. The Essential plan is $4.99/month after a seven-day free trial and $49.99 if you pay for a year in advance. If you want the ad-free option, the price is $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

Paramount+ has a wide variety of programming, including current CBS network shows, all the "Star Trek" you could ever want, a wide variety of movies, and classic series like "Perry Mason," "The Love Boat" and "Hawaii Five-O."

If $50 a year is too much for you, there are some options to get the Paramount+ price down.

1. Get Paramount+ for Free with Walmart+

The Paramount+ Essentials plan is now included with Walmart+. Walmart+ is the retailer's subscription designed to compete with Amazon Prime. For $12.95/month or $98/year, subscribers get free shipping from, free delivery from their local store with a $35 minimum order, discounts on gas at Exxon, Mobil and Walmart stations, and free Spotify Premium for six months.

There's a free 30-day trial, so you can sign up for Walmart+, get your Paramount+ benefit and watch "SEAL Team" for free for 30 days.

2. Get a Free Month with a Coupon Code

To celebrate the return of “SEAL Team,” Paramount+ is offering a 30-day free trial with coupon code BRAVO!. Enter the code on the last page of the sign-up, the one where you enter your credit-card information.

3. Wait for the End of the Season and Pay for Only a Month of Paramount+

If you wait until all 10 episodes to go live on Paramount+, you can sign up for that one-week free trial and binge the entire season in a week or pay for one month and watch the show at your leisure over the next 30 days.

4. Wait to Buy the Digital Version

If you're willing to wait a few months, you'll be able to buy season six of "SEAL Team" from the iTunes or Google Play stores. The previous seasons currently sell for $24.99. That's not the best route to take if you're worried about spoilers, but at least you won't be paying for streaming.

5. Wait Even Longer for the DVD Version

Season six of "SEAL Team" will eventually make its way to DVD, but the release cycle for earlier seasons suggests that won't be until sometime in the summer of 2023. That's a long wait, but you'll own those disks forever and will be able to watch whenever you want without worrying about being online.

Of course, there are other ways to obtain no-cost copies of television episodes on the internet, but those are both illegal and incredibly complicated unless you're already familiar with the practice. You won't get any advice about that from us.

For some readers, none of these solutions will be acceptable. They'd rather tune into CBS to watch the show live for free or at least "for free" as part of the cable subscription they're already paying for.

The reality is that CBS was done with "SEAL Team," and if the show hadn't made the shift to streaming, there wouldn't have been a season five or season six of the show. The producers found a way to keep the show alive in a format that gave them a bit more freedom than what they enjoyed on broadcast television. If you're a fan, be thankful they got the chance to continue the story and choose the best viewing option for yourself.

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