VA Loan Calculator


What kind of home can you afford through your VA home loan benefit?

Home loan and mortgage offerings can vary dramatically, based on your lender, location, loan type and loan amount, to name some factors.

That's why it is best to shop multiple loan providers to get comfortable with the lingo, options and requirements. Use this calculator to estimate your payments for different scenarios and find providers that offer VA loans and/or conventional mortgages and work with both active military and veterans.

If you're looking to compare actual rate quotes now, our VA Loan finder will match you with up to five personalized quotes from different lenders, with no obligation or credit check required.

Why You Should Use a VA Loan Calculator

Your VA loan is one of your most valuable military benefits, and a VA loan calculator is a great place to get started. That’s because not only can you learn how VA loan use might impact your finances, but using a VA loan calculator also can get you one step closer to shopping for the right VA loan lender.

Calculate your VA loan rate in minutes.

Learn More About the VA Loan Process

Once you’ve used the VA loan calculator to understand what you can afford and are ready to leverage the VA loan benefit you earned through your military service, it will be helpful to learn about the VA loan process.

Everything you need to know about getting a VA home loan.

What Does a VA Loan Cost?

The VA loan benefit gives qualifying veterans a path to home ownership, but it comes with some costs and fees. Some of those, such as the funding fee, can be waived for qualifying veterans.

Learn more about VA loan fees.

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Our VA loan finder can match you with up to five rate quotes from different lenders. Check it out now!

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