Handling PCS Claims Before the Move

Packing the truck

Moving is something all military members are familiar with. Unfortunately, moves often result in loss and damage of the items being shipped. Whether it is a scratch on a family heirloom, or your TV that breaks during the move, such losses can be traumatic.

The military claims system is designed to help members recover for such losses. It is also designed to ensure that the carrier responsible for the loss and damage is held accountable. This article will explain the military claims system and explain ways you can ensure fair compensation for any loss and damage you suffer during a PCS move.

Before the Move

The best way to ensure you will be compensated for loss and damage during a move is to take a few precautions before the move. This is the best time to document what you own and to ensure that you have the insurance coverage that you need.

Documenting what you own is perhaps the most important thing to do before your move. Ensure that you save receipts, bills, appraisals, high value item inventories, and other proof of ownership. These important documents should never be shipped with your household goods. Ship them separately or, better yet, hand-carry them. This way, if your entire shipment is lost, your proof of ownership will not be lost as well.

An excellent way to document what you own is to take pictures of the items in your house immediately before the move. If you have an expensive electronics, or a number of delicate figurines, this is an excellent way of demonstrating the extent of your collection. Ensure that you record the serial numbers as well as any receipts for expensive items. Pictures of your personal items have an added benefit; not only will they show what you own, but they will also demonstrate the condition of your items. If the movers scratch your dining room table, you will have a much easier time proving that the scratch occurred during the move if you have a picture of the table taken immediately before the move. Carry the photos with you, or keep them on your phone or in the cloud; do not ship them.

More tips for handling PCS claims during and after a move

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