Commissary Discounts During Military Appreciation Month

A shopper sizes up her commissary discounts at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Commissary. (Photo: Arthur Mondale.)
A shopper sizes up her commissary discounts at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Commissary. (Photo: Arthur Mondale.)

Military Appreciation Month is a great time to check out all the commissary discounts available on your nearest base. Because the commissary generally partners with brands to offer specific discounts for this special celebration every year, it's a great time to visit the store for the biggest grocery discounts possible.

Commissary discounts: Look for special coupons

Manufacturers often offer commissary discounts and coupons just for military members, and many of them are tied to Military Appreciation Month. Commissary specific coupons are usually found in three places: in the front of the store in a special circular or leaflet, on tear pads attached to shelves or displays near discounted items and on the Commissary’s Rewards Card app or website. (If you don't have a Rewards Card you can ask for one at any commissary worldwide.)

These coupons sometimes offer a sizeable discount on already low prices. Keep your eyes peeled for them throughout the month.

Commissary discounts: Watch for extra promotions

In addition to the special coupons, manufacturers often give the commissary special low prices for the month -- and that means even more commissary discounts for you throughout Military Appreciation Month. For example, while a box of cereal may regularly be close to $3, you may find it marked down to $1.50 as part of a special promotion.

Commissary discounts: Contests and sweepstakes

One of the ways brands demonstrate their support for military members throughout this special month is through sweepstakes and contests. Look at your local commissary for entry forms. In the past, prizes have included cash, commissary gift cards, TVs and even a canoe.

Shopping at the commissary is a great way to make your grocery dollar stretch as far as possible. And while not everything at the commissary is cheaper than outside the base gate, many shoppers find that using the commissary saves them money overall. Whether or not it's Military Appreciation Month, manufacturers look to commissary discounts as a great way of showing their support for military families.

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