Memorial Day Quiz

Memorial Day Quiz

Memorial day is a time to remember the sacrifices made by every service member who is no longer with us. Although we celebrate it every year, there are plenty of details about the holiday that you might not know. Test your knowledge with this quiz.

What was Memorial Day's original name?

Remembrance Day

Day of Honor

Decoration Day

Commemoration Day

Where was Memorial Day first observed?

Waterloo, New York

Chattanooga, Tennassee

Charleston, South Carolina

Appomattox County, Virginia

What was traditionally used to decorate graves on Memorial Day?

Small American flags

Personal items

Letters of thanks


After which war was Decoration Day officially changed to Memorial Day?

Spanish American War

World War II

Korean War

World War I

Memorial Day is traditionally viewed as the start of which season?





There's a notable increase of accidents for which of the following on Memorial Day?





Which Southern state was the first to observe Memorial Day?





Who officially established Memorial Day?

Ulysses S. Grant

William T. Sherman

Abraham Lincoln

John Logan

Which act requires everyone in the U.S. to observe one minute of silence at 3 p.m. every Memorial Day?

The National Moment of Rememberance Act

The Memorial Day Act

The Soldier's Commemoration Act

The Salute to the Fallen Act

In which cemetery do service members plant small American flags on the graves of over 260,000 veterans?

Golden Gate National Cemetery

Jacksonville National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetary

Fort Logan National Cemetery

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