Johnnie R. Beaver: Veteran Story

Stalag IV-B was one of Germany's largest POW camps during World War II. (Photo by user LutzBruno via Wikimedia)
Stalag IV-B was one of Germany's largest POW camps during World War II. (Photo by user LutzBruno via Wikimedia)

Johnnie R. Beaver, 106th Infantry Division, 423rd Regiment, H Company

Taken prisoner December 1944 at St. Vith, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge


Nov. 28 1944

Hello Darling:

I have just got back from the best chow I have eaten since I have been in the Army. We had turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, sweet potatoes. Tonight they are serving beer.

The people back home seem to be letting up on their job. The boy’s on the front lines having to beg for shell’s and getting them by ration, do the people back home want this war to end? Maybe they are afraid that their big pay will quit? We are doing our part, why do they not meet us half way? These boys do not complain but I think they have a right to know. It is not one’s like you that hurts because you all are doing your part.

Well daring I hope you had a nice day and that my son enjoyed his self. I love you both.

Your loving husband

10 Dec. 1944


My Dearest Darling;

Just a line or so to let you know that I am still OK and longing to get back home more each day.

It snowed yesterday and last night but is pretty today.

Coming up we saw all kind of German things on the way. They sure left a lot behind.

It may be just my opinion alone but these people and the French are a lot better than many I know and they really have suffered.

Well, honey I still love you and my son and miss you more each day.

I am still waiting for a box and mail.

Bye, bye for now my sweet till again. I remain as always your loving husband.

11 Dec. 1944

Hello Darling!

How is every little thing over in the good old USA? I am doing fine right now, nice room and a goose feather bed to sleep upon, how long it will last, I can not say.

We got paid off on the 8th. I believe not a lot of good it is going to do me. I can not spend it, why, well people here do not care for your invasion money. I n France, we could have used it. I am going to send $15.00 home to you, they did not pay me enough for this month.

Oh yes our mail clerk is going after our mail tomarrow so maybe I will get my box and some much wanted letters. I have not received any since I left England.

Tell my son that I hope him a Merry , Merry Christmas and that I hope Santa Claus will be good to him because he is the best young man there are. I will be thinking of him on that day and darling, my heart will be longing for you. Words can not tell how much I miss you two. Tell everyone hello and to write. Honey that deed is all the xmas present I care for. You are so sweet. I must close until again

God bless you and I will remain always your loving husband

13 Dec. 1944


My Dearest Darling

Well, here I am again, trying to think of something to write. I guess the first thing you want to know is how I am getting along, am in the best of health and having plenty to eat. Can not complain about my place to stay. The people at the house are really nice to us. There are two men from this house in the German Army but they have no use for Hitler nor has the German soldier but that does not keep them from fighting like hell. Oh yes sweet, I went to see about my pay, I thought that I was short but they took out the $15.00 allotment to you, I draw $7.00 for one and half months expert Inf. Pay and will draw $10.00 from now on. I am sending $14.00 to you and am having the "E" allotment moved up to $30.00. I will have around $10.00 left and that is enough for me over here. They are giving us our cigarette’s and taking it out of our pay (one pack a day). I still have not received any of my packages am looking forward to getting them. We had mail call toady but I was left out, no mail. I think may-be we will get some more tomorrow, hope so.

Honey, I miss you so much and am praying for the day to come when I can come home to you and my son. Tell everyone that I am thinking of them and hope to hear from them soon. Write me what my son got for Christmas and if Earl got to be home on the holidays.

Well. Must close this and hit the feather’s I want to enjoy them all I can until again.

I love and remain your loving husband

10 Jan. 1945

My Dearest Darling

I guess you know by now that I am all right. I am waiting patiently for a letter from you and if you can rush me a parcel of chocolate and cigarettes by the quickest means at that it will take months to get to me. Send to some of that small can good. I am in good health but am hoping it won’t be long before I can see you/


January 11 1945

Mrs Alma D Beaver Route One Gainsville, GA.

The Secretary of War desires me to express his deep regret that your husband Private Johnnie R Beaver has been reported missing in action since Twenty One December in Germany. If further details or other information are received you will be promptly notified.

2 Jan. 1945

My Dearest Darling:

I know that you have been worried about me. I love you for it. I am all right wanting you and my son to carry out our plans. I will write more when I can. Be sure to see the Red Cross there before writing me. Tell Ma and Dad I love them, let my mother know. I love you with all my heart.


Jan. 30 ’45

My Dearest Darling:

There is not a day that pass but what I do not think of you; my son and those I love. All that I have had to do since my capture on Dec 12, ’44 is nothing. It is so hard to sit around hungry, remembering your good cooking and those chocolate pies. I am going out tonight if can get by the guard. I saw some rabbits in a pen while I was going for a shower. We get a small bowl of kale mostly water at dinner.

There is snow on the ground. Snow’s every night some. Well My love. It is 8:00 I have just finished frying me some kale. It does not give me the GI’s that way. We all have the shits from kale.

Yesterday some Pole’s came down to try to help us. They told us to send a man to the hospital as tho he was sick so he could get to talk to the doctor there about our condition, it was hard to get the man there but he went. The Stalag that’s the PW camp knows that we are here but they will not do anything. There are 100 of us here fenced in. In the lot next to us there are some Russians. They work around here and not under guard. They get 2 soup’s a day. Potatoes. Bread. Butter. We stand in line when they get their soup to try to get a spoon full are two, we do not mind the cold or snow. Darling, I am so tired I am going to bed, you are so sweet. I love you so much. Good night. Hello my love it is night again on the 31st. All I did today was carve into a piece of wood a cross.

1945 Apr 7 Mrs Alma D Beaver Route One Gainesville, GA

The Secretary of War desires me to inform you that your husband PVT Beaver Johnnie is a prisoner of war of the German Government. Based on information received through Provost Marshal General. Further information received will be furnished by Provost Marshal General

J A Blio The Adjutant General

April 20, 1945 England

Hello My Darling Wife

I guess it is a surprise to you to hear from me in England. I got here yesterday after being flown over from Germany. I was set free on the 15th after the yanks took over the town I was in. They sure were good to see.

I am in fair health and expect to be home soon. Hope every one is in good health.

Tell Dad that I have him some thing from Germany that is worth while. I am going to expect a long, long letter from you with all the news.

Tell my son that I miss him, but will see him soon. Darling I must close.

I love you and remain as always your devoted husband

22 May ‘45

Mrs Alma D Beaver Route Number One Gainesville Georgia

The Chief of Staff of the Army directs me to inform you your husband PFC Beaver Johnnie is being returned to the United States with in the near future and will be given an opportunity to communicate with you upon arrival if he has not already done so

J A Blio

The Adjutant General

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