Increased UFO Reports Aren't Aliens, But Earth Is Still Unprepared for an Alien Invasion

(U.S. Navy)

If aliens actually invaded Earth, the United States would be ready. As far back as the 1985 Geneva Summit, the U.S. and Russia agreed to set aside their differences and join forces in case of an alien invasion. There are those working in the U.S. military who believe the Pentagon actually developed a plan if that ever happens.

Aliens aren't invading, but the reports of unidentified flying objects in sensitive airspace have increased, especially in sensitive areas, according to a declassified report from the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. The objects were mostly balloons and "sky garbage" that created safety risks in those skies.

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It's probably a good thing they aren't aliens, because our would-be Russian allies aren't ready for interstellar war.

In 2013, the head of Russia's Aerospace Defence Force was asked whether the country's "space troops" were prepared for an alien invasion. During a press conference at the Titov Main Test and Space Systems Control Centre near Moscow, deputy chief Sergey Berezhnoy replied that Earth's defense wasn't their mission.

"So far we are not capable of that. We are unfortunately not ready to fight extraterrestrial civilizations," he explained. "Our center was not tasked with it. There are too many problems on Earth and near it."

Russia's Aerospace Defence Force was created in its current form in 2011 to control the country's missile defense systems, strategic air warfare and control of outer space, especially satellites. There were only about 1,000 soldiers assigned there in 2013. Now fighting in Ukraine, the force is either "dominating" the skies over Ukraine or is "a good supplier of scrap metal" to the Ukrainians.

Our longtime allies for earthly combat are equally unprepared. Although British defense experts agreed the prime minister would call together a special war cabinet, they were unsure of what the outcome of that meeting might be. As of 2017, Britain's Ministry of Defence had no plans for an imminent alien invasion.

"You might find it useful to note that the MOD does not have any expertise or role in respect of the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life forms," the New York Post reported.

Using publicly available documents, YouTube's The Infographics Show recreated a possible alien attack scenario. If it came down to the United States fighting aliens alone, it could be in pretty good shape. Years of preparation for nuclear war with the Soviet Union created one of the most "resilient" nations on Earth, one that might be able to retaliate against an alien first strike.

Though the video makes a lot of assumptions, America's most likely plan is to make the invasion so costly for the aliens in terms of manpower and resources, that they won't be able to complete a total invasion. The United States would make the best use of its own manpower and weapons to bleed the aliens before the invaders inevitably destroy us.

But they can't destroy all of us. Humans will rise from the ashes and rebuild, and if aliens come back, they'll have a surprise waiting for them.

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