Cpl. Stephen E. Austin: War Letter

Cpl. Stephen E. Austin, 1/27 Marines, Co. C, 3rd Platoon
Cpl. Stephen E. Austin, 1/27 Marines, Co. C, 3rd Platoon

7 June 68

Dear Mom and Dad

I am sorry for not writing. But I've had very little chance to even think about writing. This is my 14th or 15th day in the field. I am on an operation south of DaNang. The name of the operation is Allen Brook. Is there anything about it on the news. Its been going on since the 12th of last month. So far we've captured a lot of new weapons and tons of rice. June 5th things got a little rough on my company. We took 28 wounded and six dead. So our company is hurting for some new men. On my birthday things didn't go too good. One of my best friends who I met in Hawaii was shot twice in the stomach and he died the following afternoon. His name was Art Sinksen. I am going to write his parents a letter as soon as I go in to Battalion area. I am so sick of fighting I've seen and helped to many boys my age or younger that was wounded or dead. I thank the Lord each morning I get up. Well I should be going on R&R any time. That's about it over here. So say hi to everyone and take care of yourselves.

Bye For Now

All My Love

Your Son Stephen

P.S. Write Soon

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